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Publication charges in OTR 
As from No 1/2014 a publication fee of 95 EURO (+VAT) will be charged for each article (regardless of its length) published in Journal.

To ensure good linguistic quality of the English translations, all articles submitted by the Authors in English undergo a linguistic review by our team of collaborating translators. When the overall impression is good or only minor corrections are necessary, the cost of the linguistic review is borne by OTR. When major linguistic problems are identified and numerous corrections need to be introduced, the cost is borne by the Authors at the going rate of PLN 17 net per standard page of 1,800 characters and spaces (the rate for translation is PLN 43 per standard page).

Dear Colleagues,

starting from October 2012, the full texts of articles published in OTR over the last three years can be accessed at a charge. Full texts of older articles will continue to be available at no charge.

Kind regards,

Editorial Staff of „Ortopedia Traumatologia Rehabilitacja”

Please be advised that complete English-language versions of papers published in OTR have been available since Issue No. 1/2007.

Previous issues contained only Polish full versions with English abstracts.
Please be advised that "OTR" only accepts papers sent by e-mail
The text of the article (title page, summaries, main body, references, etc.) together with tables appended at the end of the manuscripts should be submitted as ONE WORD PROCESSOR FILE, while figures and photographs should be submitted as separate attachments in the JPG graphic file format.
The e-mail message should not be larger than 10 MB. All papers should be submitted to with a cc to, with 'confirm receipt'.
The title of the e-mail message should read as follows " manuscript OTR" followed by the name and surname of the first author Following receipts of the article, we will send authors a confirmation e-mail with the particle's registration number, which should be quoted in subsequent correspondence.
Please also note that the authors' declaration regarding the submitted article with original signatures of the co-authors should be sent by conventional mail to the address of OTR.

Dear Readers,
When in early 1999 the idea emerged to publish a new scientific periodical devoted to orthopedic surgery, traumatology, and rehabilitation, we could hardy have imagined that within nine years it would prove possible to create a scientifically credible journal, with a solidly based reputation, not only in Poland, but abroad as well.
So it is a source of genuine satisfaction to report “Ortopedia Traumatologia Rehabilitacja” is now listed in three important international data bases: PubMed/Medline, Excerpta Medica/EMBASE and Index Copernicus. At present the PubMed database contains 787 OTR articles, with 19734 abstracts and 17528 full articles published in OTR downloaded by users from such countries as the USA (2633), China (537) or the United Kingdom (506) in the years 2005 and 2006 alone. Moreover, we have been granted the right to use the official WHO symbol for “The bone and joint decade, 2000- 2010” .

Since 2007 “Ortopedia Traumatologia Rehabilitacja” "Orthopaedics Traumatology Rehabilitation" has been publishing full-text articles in both Polish and English.

OTR is recommended by the Polish Society of Orthopaedics and Traumatology, Polish Society of Physiotherapy and the Committee on Rehabilitation, Physical Culture and Social Integration of the 6th Division of Medical Sciences of the Polish Academy of Sciences.

Published bi-monthly “Ortopedia Traumatologia Rehabilitacja” (OTR) is the only Polish journal addressing in a comprehensive manner the publication of scientific reports holistically focussing on the musculoskeletal system. We publish works encompassing various aspects of diagnosis, epidemiology, physiology and pathophysiology (including experimental research), as well as treatment of musculoskeletal disorders and injuries, comprising both conservative measures, including rehabilitation and physiotherapy, and invasive procedures. OTR thus serves as a forum for the exchange of opinions between scientists and practitioners of various areas of medicine concerned with the organs of locomotion.

Our mission is also to offer modern post-graduate education, a goal reflected in the publication of review articles discussing state-of-the-art medical knowledge. Papers by foreign authors also abound on our pages as the Advisory Council of OTR is composed of many well-known scientists from a number of countries as well as prominent Polish scholars representing a multitude of fields of the medical sciences and medicine.

We hope that each edition of “Ortopedia Traumatologia Rehabilitacja” will prove to be of interest to all our readers, not only to our old friends, but also to new readers, who, we sincerely hope, will soon be friends as well. Our doors- and our pages – are always open to solid scientific research, modern methods of teaching, and the exchange of opinions.

Dariusz Białoszewski, M.D. Ph.D., Editor-in-Chief

The reference version of the journal is the printed version

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